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The BMW Around the Island Race is a 45km outrigger canoe race around Hong Kong Island. Organised by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and endorsed by the Hong Kong Outrigger Canoe Racing Association, this race attracts teams from around the world.

First started in 2005, the event covers an extraordinary variety of paddling conditions ranging from the harbour with the challenges of marine traffic and currents to extreme open water at the eastern part of Hong Kong Island where swell and waves can exceed three metres in height. The race also provides an amazing contrast in scenery with paddlers passing through Victoria Harbour surrounded by skyscrapers to the beautiful country parks and hill tops on the east and southern part of the course.

Whether you are racing to win or just to finish, the BMW Around the Island Race provides paddlers with an extraordinary experience. The race finishes at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Middle Island clubhouse where paddlers will enjoy a party with live music, food and drinks.

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